You have booked the flight and broken the news that you are eloping.
You have booked Twin flames for your magical elopement to Ireland and now you want to know how make this the best dam elopement day ever!
Here are some tips we have put together from our experience.


Think about where to stay the morning of your elopement as this will be the backdrop to all the images from the start of your day.

Hotels and beautiful castles are all available here which can provide a gorgeous backdrop to your morning.

Air bnb’s are a really good option as you have the whole place to yourselves and the photographer can work everywhere freely.
You also have complete privacy.

It’s an important part of the story of your day so choose carefully.

Elopement Planner Ireland grey wedding dress

bride in dromoland while eloping in Ireland

couple in front of cottage while eloping in IrelandThe Details

During your preparation there is anticipation and excitement for the day ahead.

A lovely idea is to sit down and write/edit your vows when you are in the moment.

Another really meaningful thing to do, is to have your family and friends write you cards and letters that you can open before your elopement ceremony and you then take their love and good wishes with
you into the day.

The emotions of the day are so real and you want this all captured by your photographer and film-maker so you can then share these with your wonderful family and friends and they too can then see how present they were with you on that day.

Ireland Cliffs of Moher Wedding Hags head bride reading The Vows

details shots from the morning prep when eloping in Ireland

First Look

Choose a local, experienced photographer who is familiar with the surrounding locations.
If you do want to do a first look (and it is a really lovely moment) then it could be an idea to have it at a nearby stunning location.

Ireland Cliffs of Moher Wedding Hags head First Look, bride is walking up behind the groom

first looks for eloping in Ireland

Embrace the weather

Ireland can throw anything at you on any given day.
Sometimes the most romantic and beautiful elopements are days when the weather is not your friend.
Our photographer (Tommy) has worked in every kind of weather and the day always looks magical, full of love and happiness.

elopement-planner-galway-castle ruins

first look in the rain when eloping in Irelandcouples eloping in Ireland in bad weather


Flowers can add so much beauty and color to your photographs.
The wildflower bouquets are romantic and large with an epic, boho feel that they definitely bring an extra something to the day and your images.

brides holding bouquets when eloping in Ireland


Natural fibers look best in the outdoors. Think tweed, wool, lace, silk & cotton.
Consider the colors. It is a good idea to wear something that compliments the environment.
For Ireland rust and earthy tones look great as do greens and greys.
White also looks great.

coulpes with groom in tweed while eloping in Ireland

couple eloping in ireland on cliffs of moher couples dressed well for eloping in Ireland

Timing and the golden hours

We advise our clients to have their ceremony approximately 3 hours before sunset to get the best light for photography and videography.
These are known as the golden hours and they add gorgeous light to your images.
You would need to get at least 4-6 hours of coverage to tell the full story. This allows time for preparation, first look, ceremony and travelling to various nearby locations after.
We do offer an extended day where you could get 8-10 hours for a full storytelling experience.

bride in woods while eloping in Ireland couple getting ready to elope in Ireland me performing ceremonies for couples eloping in Ireland couples in golden light while eloping in Ireland