"Go N'eiri an Bothar Leat" ~ May the Road Rise to meet you



There is nothing more special than helping two people in love have an amazing elopement ceremony. We work together to craft your perfect symbolic or legal marriage ceremony in Ireland.

couple eloping in Ireland in a castle ruin

To Elope is about valuing experiences over material things.  For some it’s about keeping things simple, but it’s also about adventure. This is why, we want to to provide you with a symbolic or legal ceremony that will make you feel, that this day, is just for you. It can include anything you want, for example, poems and stories of your lives together. If you want to incorporate religious elements, personal traditions or participate in the ancient Celtic Marriage Tradition of Hand-fasting, we include it. We customize it according to your suggestions and wishes.

couple eloping in Ireland in Connemara

The symbolic ceremony has no legal status or specific requirements.

Legal ceremonies in Ireland come with some restrictions on locations and some forward planning but of course we advise and help you with all of that. Other than that, everything is possible.

We offer legal ceremonies too as I (Leeona) am a registered Solemniser.

Couple on the cliffs doolin when eloping in Ireland

If you want to skip the legalities in Ireland and have a symbolic then one tip is to have a friend or family member file you marriage license on the same day that you elope in Ireland so your dates always match!

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Your Adventure, Your Love, Your Story.


This is only relevant if you are having a legally binding wedding ceremony where your marriage will be registered in the Republic of Ireland. We are happy to assist you with this process.


Getting Married in Ireland, the Legal Requirements

Marriage application must be submitted more than 3 months in advance by post.

Please note that the 3 months period is considered only from the date your documents are officially accepted by the Registrar, not the date you first make contact with them. So please allow an extra month to gather and post copies of your documents, or longer if either partner has been previously married and divorced.

A Marriage registration fee is €200 and is payable directly to the Registrar at the time of submitting your notification (i.e. this fee is not included in your Wedding Package with us).

A Meeting with the Registrar is required at least 5 calendar days before you get married, in order to make the declaration and present original copies of your documents. You also received your Marriage Registration Form (MRF), which is then signed during the ceremony and exchanged for your marriage certificate.

Two witnesses over 18 years of age are required for your Irish wedding to be legally binding. If you’re eloping without guests then we can provide witnesses for you.

See the official HSE website for more information about getting married in Ireland

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