Vows are personal and private and there is really no wrong way to write them.
If you are stuck, then this structure is very helpful to give them a flow and make sure you include every part that you would like.

First, write about what this person means to you.

What does this person represent to you in your life? You’re rock, you’re home or your everything.

Next choose a few qualities that you love about your partner.

Why have you chosen this person. What do you enjoy most about them?
Focus on a few things that really stand out to you.
Their confidence, their smile, sense of humor, their kindness..

Give these qualities some context by talking about something that happened

Choose something that happened, a story from your time together, to bring these qualities to life.

Let them know what you are promising.

What are you bringing to the relationship? Make some promises that you know your partner would really appreciate.  Use the words ‘I vow to..’

Use romantic elopement vows to enhance your promise.

Talk about love and devotion. ‘Through thick and thin’

Use funny elopement vows to show your devotion

I vow to begrudgingly keep quiet when your favourite football team are playing
I vow to get you that ice cream at 10pm when you really want it..

Now talk about what happens next..

Talk about your future plans. We will… Together..

Finish up your vows up with a look towards growing old with this person.

What are you most looking forward to in your life with this person?

Don’t forget to add that you’ll be there even when times get rough!!