How do we get married in Ireland?

You can have a Symbolic or Legal Marriage in Ireland.

What’s the difference?

Symbolic ceremonies are not legal.
Legal ceremonies follow Ireland’s marriage laws.

What are our options?

Option 1

Some couples do the legal part in the US to bypass the legalities and have a symbolic ceremony in Ireland.
This means you don’t have to worry one bit about it on your trip. There are no forms or meetings to attend.
We then create a symbolic ceremony with you that we perform on your elopement date. It opens up so many more beautiful locations as you can pretty much do this anywhere on public lands.

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Option 2

If you decide to have a legal marriage in Ireland you will have to contact the HSE office in the county where you are eloping to.
Based on Ireland marriage laws, they will send you an application form.
You then have to fill the paperwork and provide all the documentation requested. This has to be submitted at least 3 months before your ceremony.
If you have been married before you should submit the application even earlier than 3 months as you must provide all the paperwork from your divorce, which is then sent to the offices in Roscommon where the legal clerks review it.
Once authorized, you can make a date for an appointment with the HSE office.
This needs to be 5 days before your ceremony. You need to be in Ireland 5 days before the date of your ceremony.
There is a fee of €220 for this process paid directly to the HSE.

You now have your MRF form or the green folder.

This needs to be brought with you and signed by the registered solemniser or the HSE registrar.
The HSE registrar can be booked for weekdays only and you must have 2 witnesses who are over 18 years of age to become legally married.
Or for an extra cost you can pay for a solemniser that is registered with the HSE to perform your legal ceremony. This usually costs between €500 – €600.
There are certain criteria about where you can have a legal ceremony and you must abide by Ireland’s marriage laws. They need to be held in a building that’s open to the public and has wheelchair access. For example a hotel.

Option 3

You can sign the documents(MRF) in the civil offices with the HSE registrar and 2 witnesses and then have a symbolic ceremony wherever you choose.
This allows you to have a legal marriage in Ireland and have the freedom to have your symbolic ceremony wherever you choose.

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If you are interested in Eloping to Ireland and have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or you can fill out our contact form here.