This is an excellent question.  If it’s important and personal to you then  include it! It’s customizable so you can make this completely your own. This ceremony is all about you and your love. You can (and should) do exactly what you and your partner want to do during your elopement ceremony.

couple eloping in Ireland in Connemaracouple eloping in Ireland in Galway cityelopement ceremonies in nature while eloping in Ireland


It’s a non-traditional, Celtic wedding ceremony, so do we say vows?

We’re not in a church and we’re not religious — can we have a non-religious Celtic wedding ceremony?

Do we even need to bring rings?

Do our vows have to be said a certain way to be official?

Can we include some traditional family elements and how can we include our friends and family?

Do we need an Officiant/celebrant?

couple reading vows while eloping in IrelandVOWS

Vows are powerful and personal. They are an important part of the Celtic wedding ceremony and the start of your life together. They can be written together or you can surprise each other on the day.  Some couples bring their own vow books.  This is the moment you look into each others eyes and declare your love for each other in a meaningful way. Please do bring a hard copy you can give to your celebrant on the day if you choose to have one.

couples eloping in Ireland


Wearing rings as a declaration of your love and commitment to each other is an important Celtic wedding tradition. The symbolism is globally recognized. Now you can even design your own rings and have them specially made. Some couples might even choose a tattoo instead.

couples exchanging wedding rings when eloping in Ireland


This is such an old tradition. A kiss at the end of the Celtic wedding ceremony to start your lives together as a married couple.

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couple showing wedding rings after eloping in ireland

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Galway city forrest elopement , after their celtic wedding ceremony


Throw confetti or rose petals. Pop champagne. Jump in a lake! How you want to celebrate is up to you.  We do abide by leave no trace principles to protect our ecosystem.  Any confetti should be bio degradable and any flowers or seeds thrown should be native.

couple popping champagne when eloping in Ireland



Handfasting is a very popular choice in Ireland as its a Celtic tradition dating back 9000 years. We use Irish handmade bands made with wool from the west of Ireland. The ties represent the bind of the vows made and the knot represents that which, like a good marriage, strengthens under pressure. This is a very important part of the Celtic wedding ceremony.

Sage Smudging

This ceremony is all about energy — more specifically, all about cleansing the bad energy and replacing it with positive, healing energy. This ceremony is fairly simple, too — it just requires a bundle of sage or lavender, a way to light it, and a bowl. Some couples choose to have their celebrant say a prayer, a blessing, or affirming words out loud while they light the sage. Other couples choose to quietly say their own prayer or affirmation themselves to make it more personal.

Unity Ceremony

This is based on the idea of taking two separate items and uniting them, representing your bond. Some couples light a candle together. Another option is to combine two different colors of sand in a single vase. Some couples chose to plant trees. You can combine different ceremony ideas or bring your own!

couples during their ceremony when eloping in Ireland


Letters of love from friends and family are a great idea if you want to include loved ones who couldn’t be there with you on your special day but want to share their love and happiness for your elopement.

Include any guests in the ceremony. Have them read a poem or contribute in some way.

Live stream or record your elopement ceremony! We recommend working with our videographer to help you capture your ceremony for your guests and loved ones (and yourselves), whether it be streamed or recorded so they can view it later.

You  can Facetime, Skype, or Zoom on the day.

Send selfies, photos and little videos throughout the day.

Include family heirlooms and/or little gifts they may have given you in the ceremony.

Ask your friends and family to record a toast that you can watch together over some cake and champagne!

bring the gang eloping in Ireland

bring the gang eloping in Ireland


If you are eloping to Ireland and choose to have a non-legal ceremony then an officiant is not necessary. If you opt for a Celebrant such as me! I work closely with you and together we design a symbolic Celtic wedding  ceremony that is tailored to your story.

A Celebrant is required for a legal ceremony for getting married in Ireland and we offer this service. We also help you with the paperwork beforehand.

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Some people surprise their partner on the day with a meaningful gift.

If you are eloping with us in Ireland include a shawl or blanket to keep warm in earthy tones. We can recommend where to get a fabulous one.

Have your celebrant introduce you with personal details about your story. How you met, how you got engaged etc.

Include live music in your ceremony if this is important to you. Bluetooth speakers are an excellent option to hear that song that is special to you. We provide these options.

Bring your own unique talents into the ceremony.

At any stage you can contact me directly at [email protected]. I would love to hear from you.

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