Hey There, I wanted to create this blog to clear up some common misconceptions about Eloping.  Sometimes we forget that we have choices and that we can do things our own way. Eloping isn’t for everyone, but,  if the thought of a large traditional wedding stresses you out, then you need to consider your options. Elope to Ireland!


1. You need to be outdoorsy and rough it!


For the majority of our stunning locations you can wear your Jimmy Choos or whatever you like. Wellies are an option, not a requirement!
If you would like to stay in a castle, rent a vintage car and travel in style then that is totally possible.
There is no reason why you can’t get amazing elopement photos and a gorgeous film in spectacular landscapes and travel in luxury!
Of course if camping is your thing, that’s wonderful too. There are several amazing glamping locations in the west of Ireland and we would love to take you hiking if you are up for it.

couple by the cliffs when eloping in Ireland


2. You should be super skinny and wear a thick lace boho dress and fedora!


There is a trend for sure, for fedoras and thick lace, boho style wedding dresses. They look super cool on the super hot! They appear in so many elopement style shoots. Know that many of these shoots are staged with models and stylists.
This is not for everyone. Get the dress that flatters your shape and makes you feel like a Queen. Its your day and you want to know that you look brilliant. So rock what suits you and enjoy yourself.

Connemara Elopement Adventure Ireland, a couple walk down a Country Road. what is eloping?


3. It’s running away!


It’s a choice. You are choosing one thing over another because this is what appeals to you the most.
It’s important to think about what your options are and what are the advantages and disadvantages for you personally. This way you can make
an informed decision – to elope or no to elope.
Some people have difficult family dynamics. Others just want a cool trip and not to spend a ton of money on a traditional wedding. Some people are just shy and private and don’t want all that attention. Whatever your reasons it’s a choice not running away!

couple having Guinness when eloping in ireland


4. It’s not as serious as a ‘proper’ wedding!


Eloping is all about your love. You focus on your relationship, you focus on each other. The whole day is about opening your heart and committing to each other and showing your partner why they are the person you want to be with forever.
Often a traditional wedding is more about the guests and making sure they have a good time which some people can find a tad overwhelming

groom picking up bride while eloping in Ireland


5. My family and friends wont understand


You cannot and will never please everyone. They might not all love the idea but they will hopefully understand. The key is to tell people face to face. Explain your reasons very clearly.
Involve a buddy to back you up in these conversations. Plant the seed early that eloping is a cool idea.
Because of COVID it’s now far more common and acceptable to have a smaller intimate wedding, and lets face it we all need that holiday badly!!!

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